A busy week ‘Exploring’.

Some new faces came to see us, but one of those faces had his own bunk here when his father was Captain.

A working calendar -at last!

Andy, and his lovely wife Amanda, came to see Andy’s old stomping ground when he was a little younger.

Andy talks to Andy.

He sailed with his dad and had his own bunk- which he reclaimed!

Any extra pillows?

The Bridge hasn’t changed much- probably cleaner now.

A jolly good day was had- and Andy had some great stories to tell us.

My dad’s boat!

Another Andrew brought along David, who spent his working life at sea and was delighted to visit the Explorer.

Two happy chappies.

Our regular friend, Ben MacPherson, brought his brother-in-law, David to the vessel. Another happy chappie after his tour.

Hold Fast!

And finally- the banners for Saturday’s visit of the Leith Model Boat club were rolled out.

Our equivalent of a red carpet welcome.