A very busy Saturday – 17/11/2018

Today our planned visit from our young model maker took place. However before the party arrived, a gentleman came to the ship and introduced himself as Bernard- one of the scientists who worked onboard in the 1960s. He was given a tour of memory lane- and told many excellent stories- including a fateful day in 1962, when the crew were assembled in the saloon to listen to president John F Kennedy statement on the Cuban Missile Crisis!  Our young model maker arrived, model in hand, with his family. He was given a tour and finished their visit with tea and sandwiches. He was presented with mementos of his visit. As the day ended, we had an unexpected gift in the form of more scaffolding planks to create a safe walkway on the port side.


The model trawler
Our young model maker being phtographed beside the real thing!

Our early Chrissie present!