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Development Plan
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Development Plan

It is the intention of the SS Explorer Preservation Society to restore the SS Explorer to a working condition.

The ship will be available for public viewing, educational and training purposes and for use for corporate events.

We aim to carry out such a restoration plan in phases:

  • Phase 1 is to have the vessel cosmetically restored with missing artifacts replaced and damaged/deteriorated areas repaired. The ship would be prepared and accredited for use as a working-floating museum, rather like a steam railway workshop.
  • Phase 2 of the project, would be to carry out various restorations of various pieces of machinery whilst the ship operates as a museum. This would include the complete overhaul of the main engine, boiler and auxiliaries to such extent that every piece of machinery aboard is in place and working.
  • Phase 3 would be to have the ship certified. This would also be a mammoth task, given the SS Explorer has been out of certification since 1984. Many of the rules and procedures have changed since 1984, the SS Explorer is a steamship, such certification nowadays is all focussed on modern engined ships and doesn’t take into account vintage steam ships.