The Board

The Board (Page Under Construction)

The board of the SS Explorer Preservation Society is currently composed of the chairman and seven directors.

Chairman Andy Marjoribanks

On leaving school at the age of 15yrs gaining the Edinburgh School Leaving Certificate I was taken on as an apprenticed refrigeration and air conditioning engineer and served my time servicing and installing equipment from small domestic units up to deep freezes which were large enough to drive a truck into.

When I was 23yrs I decided to study for the ‘O’ Levels I didn’t do when I was at school. It was a surprise to me that I passed but they allowed me to go back into ‘formal education’ and I enrolled in Stevenson College to get my Highers which subsequently allowed me to go on to The University of Edinburgh where I gained an Honours Degree in Politics and History.

In 1978 I enrolled in Moray House/ Univ Edinburgh for a year gaining a Certificate and Diploma in Education. From there I worked as a teacher of History and Modern Studies for 3yrs and then moved into a school which specialised in teaching children with additional support needs working my way up through Senior Teacher to Depute and acting HT in that school. I then applied and won a position as HT in a highly specialised and therapeutic centre in Edinburgh.

Since starting teaching I was also involved in SCUBA diving and became a Regional Instructor with the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club till I reached the grand old age of 60yrs.

When I retired from teaching at 63yrs I was looking for something to do and the SS Explorer was pointed out to me by my son. I decided to pop along to see what was going on and have been pitching up ever since.

In 2016 I was elected onto the Board and, because I wasn’t smart enough to step back as quickly as the rest of the Directors, I was left standing at the front and took on the role of Chairperson.

The biggest part of this role is to build a credible organisation that our future funders can have confidence in because the truth to be told is, that given the number of volunteer hours we put in along with limited access to tools and major facilities such as a dry dock, all we can really hope to do is maintain the condition of the Explorer till we have the majority of the work done in a shipyard. Our real task is to build an organisation that can handle a project that will cost in the region of £3,000,000. My scary job is to manage that task which can only be done with the backing of our committed team of volunteers.


Vice Chairman Allan Dickson

I am a qualified Class 2 combined motor and steam engineer, with a Masters Degree in marine surveying. Currently I work as a Second Engineer in the Merchant Navy, although I spend 5 years project managing shipyard work in South East Asia. I volunteer with the SS Explorer when on leave, and do paperwork in between my normal shift ours . I have previously volunteered onboard the PS Waverley, TS Tenacious & TS Stavros S Nicharos but I was pleased to find a historic ship on my doorstep.

Colin Williamson

Colin Williamson

Colin Williamson

I spent 13 years at sea as a marine engineer with Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd obtaining first class certificates of competency on steamships and motorships. I recently retired from a subsequent career as an airline pilot thus freeing up time to indulge myself in the SS Explorer. My tasks with the society are mainly ship maintenance along with a bit of web design.