A Busy Day on Explorer.

63 / 100

First job of the day was Jim preparing sandwiches for our distinguished visitors. Muggins here spent a couple of hours removing corrosion from the smokebox prior to carrying out a boiler survey on Tuesday. Going by the condition of the smokebox, it doesn’t look good, but I shall dive inside on Tuesday armed with a torch, a camera and a good bit of swatting up on Scotch Boilers and they’re defects.

Mucky job. Yuck.

We then entertained and toured a small group of visitors led by Eric and Maxine Reynolds, chairman of the SS Robin Trust. We harvested some good information in exchange for tea, coffee and sandwiches.

I discovered a box of documents which appears to have been beamed onto the ship from some unknown source. Alan Hush, our document geek is going to give it a good bit of attention on Tuesday however, I thought these photos might be of interest to any plankton geeks out there.

Larger versions at the bottom of the In Service gallery. The Blog page doesn’t seem to allow them to embiggen.

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