Visiting the SS Explorer

Arranging a visit to Explorer

The SS Explorer Preservation Society welcomes visitors to tour the ship.  Visits must be pre-arranged with the Society by contacting us at

We can accommodate groups up to a maximum of twelve people.

We are located in the Edinburgh Dock in the Port of Leith. Again, details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Tours are free of charge, but we do encourage visitors to make a donation.  Anything between £5 and £5,000,000 is suggested. (We normally manage a wee cup of tea or coffee)

Getting there

Entry to the port is via the security post located in Bath Road (EH6 7JT).  Photographic ID is required and you should inform the security staff that you are visiting the Explorer.  No children under 16 or pets are permitted to enter the port.  No photography is permitted except on board Explorer. (I know, Don’t look)

Are you fit enough?

The Explorer was a working trawler and is currently undergoing restoration. As such there are numerous hazards for the unwary.  

Trip hazards on the deck, steep ladders, head banging hazards and poor lighting to name a few.  

Explorer is not suitable for people with limited mobility although it may be viewed from the Quayside.

There are currently no toilet facilities near the Explorer

Visit the Explorer
The Tour

A volunteer will conduct the tour.  Typically it will begin with a short chat on the quayside about the ship’s history, construction and significance 

Then you will move on board and visit, in no particular order, the wheelhouse, science labs, accommodation, engine room and stokehold and the saloon.

A typical tour will last 45 minutes to an hour depending on how garrulous your guide is.

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