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Why do we need people to donate?

The SS Explorer is funded by member subs and donations.  The former is insubstantial so donations from the public are most welcome.  Our annual running costs are mainly insurance, running this website and fuel for the generator which are around £1500pa.  Additionally, we have to buy materials and tools to assist in the upkeep of the vessel.  Unlike many charities, we have no CEO earning a six figure salary.  Our wage bill is zero. 

Our current major restoration project at the moment (2019/2020) is repairing the top deck (monkey island)  which is corroded and allowing rainwater in to the detriment of the fabric below.  The cost of waterproofing and bringing the deck back to original appearance will amount to around £4500.

In the longer term, the ship was last drydocked in 1989 and needs to be docked and painted again.  The cost of this will be around £300,000.

To transform the ship into a sustainable visitor and heritage attraction, we estimate £3,000,000.

Your donation, large or small will help us achieve this and give this remarkable survivor of a bygone age a future.

Please consider joining the society with your donation as increased membership increases our credibility as well as our funds Join

You can donate here


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