Edinburgh Dock Then And Now And The Future.

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For around twenty years, the Edinburgh Dock in The Port Of Leith has been home to the SS Explorer. I suspect none of the volunteers on the SS Explorer realise how much the dock has changed over the years. I certainly didn’t. One of the potential plans for a permanent berth for Explorer was the Alexandra Dock. This aspiration has been quashed by the discovery that the boutique hotel ship Fingle has acquired this berth. Searching for alternatives we looked at the graving dock inside the Edinburgh Dock. The Edinburgh Dock is an unloved and neglected part of the Port of Leith. But in days of yore, it was busy and largely home to Leith’s Trawling Fleet.. We at the SSEPS have a germ of an unattainable idea of berthing the SS Explorer in the graving dock, and heaven forbid, transforming the adjacent Victorian dock shed into a Port of Leith Maritime and Heritage Museum. The dock shed was once part of a pair, it’s sister having been demolished, presumably when part of the dock was “reclaimed”. Wouldn’t it be great to save and repurpose this pigeon roost at this neglected end of Leith. Please spread the word, share and generally get the word out if you agree.

Enjoy our “Then”

and “now”


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