Hands to mooring stations

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Last Saturday (6/01/24) as we were short handed and the day was calm, Adrian and I talked ourselves into tending the moorings.  During the course of our tender ministrations this chafed chap was observed.

So, this morning (Tuesday Jan 9th 2023) Bosun Howlin’dog and his band of motley unable seamen set about replacing and rerouting the recalcitrant line.  The photo shows Charlie and Scott pulling a serviceable line from the chain locker store.

Here Andy attaches the chain block to the line prior to tensioning while Charlie assumes the vital stance of the observer.

Heave away me heartys. Andy takes up the slack with the chain block whilst Charlie expertly guides the tail end of the chain back in to the block. 

A better blogger would have had a good shot of the finished moorings. That’s not me so here’s one of Andy leaning against the hand rails in a state of “old man” exhaustion.

The  late arrival of the finished moorings. The one on the right is more of a spring than a breast rope but you can only moor with the bollards you’ve got. 

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