A productive day’s planning.

54 / 100

A couple of DC lights in our rapidly improving saloon were not working so fuses found blown along with a couple of lamps. One dark lamp remaining to fix.

One of the pieces of Explorer’s history which we thought we lacked photos of were the lay-up years in the Cromarty Firth. Today we noticed this beauty hanging as dressing in one of the cabins. Interesting to note what appears to be a large water tank on the monkey island and a large air compressor on the foredeck. The magnetic compass binnacle is missing at that point too. I wonder what the date of the photograph is.

Explorer Cromarty Firth

A plan was devised to stop the worst water ingress from rain. (we hope!). An engine room ventilator is badly perforated around the base, but the water doesn’t seem to be directly ingressing there so the smart money is on it travelling through nefarious routes to spread around the engine room. The plan is to build a cement box around the base to stop the leaking until a dockyard repair can be effected.

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