Engine room machinery status board

Status report Mr Sulu

64 / 100

Check out the status board Captain.

In my days at sea the blackboard was king. It never crashed, and as long as it was updated, never by WiFi it worked fine. Anyway here’s the mysterious thing. I have an O level in marine engineering and I can decode quite a lot of this, but…… Everything on the right is a mystery. From the top. 1 to 13.

1: ?

2: ?

3: Windlass, steam presumably.

4: ?

5: Revs! Woohoo.

6: Main Circ pump.

7: Water circ pump. (Fresh, generator cooling maybe.

8: Steering gear

9: Steering gear (yuss)

10: General service pump

11Self explanatory

12: SE

13 SE

1,2 and 4 anyone?

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