This is a Marconi Lodestar HF/DF (High Frequency/Direction Finder) system

The huffduff

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Todays bit of of geekery is the High Frequency Direction Finder, abbreviated HFDF and often referred to as the hufffduff. It’s function was to determine the bearing of a radio transmitter on the high frequency band which is in the range of 3 to 30 megahertz. This is the range that ship’s medium and long range radio operated, frequently using morse code.

The HFDF could be used for navigation by taking the bearings of fixed land based transmitters, or for determining the bearing of a ship’s transmitter, possibly for search and rescue purposes.

The photo illustrates Explorer’s Marconi Lodestar receiver which was connected to an external DF antenna.

It is a short term aim of the society to restore as far as possible the ship’s suite of electronic gizmos cosmetically of not electronically.

Marconi Lodestar HFDF equipment.
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