The Lathe

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As well as volunteering on the SS Explorer, I also volunteer as an engineer on the Royal Yacht Britannia. As a result I have been gifted this lathe. It is a Myford ML7-R. The Royal Yacht  disposed of it because it was surplus to requirements as another better lathe is on board and also the Myford is fitted with a DC motor. Britannia was DC in service but no more.

Ae are currently overhauling the lathe as it has a lot of debris about its cogs so a bit of dismantling, cleaning solvent and TLC is being applied. 

Also we have sourced an AC motor from Ebay which we have yet to figure out. It was only £30 but is in poor nick and we are uncertain how the starting windings are wired.  

The lathe is on loan to SS Explorer.

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