The Monkey Island Continued

The lifting of the wooden decking is progressing well. The first plank was rather time consuming as there were no openings either side and we had to take the buzzsaw down the seams. Also, some of the planks have cable gland penetrations. The one adjacent to Henry Hoover has two. One was accessed and removed via the sick bay, but the other is in the skippers cabin which was inaccessible today due to deck painting in progress. However, it is likely that the deckhead in that space will have to be partially dismantled.

Progress at end of play 03/02/19

We are beginning to get an idea of the state of the alloy. The white stuff in this photo isn’t snow, it is aluminium oxide. Corrosion.

Corrosion appearance on lifting a plank

We had to stop earlier than planned due to flat batteries on our drills. A little tentative needle gunning was carried out to assess whether this will be an effective way to remove oxidised metal. It appears effective but will require a lot of man hours.

Pitting and perforations after needle gun treatment.
Pitting and perforations after needle gun treatment.