Tuesday 9th January 2018

66 / 100

Some cleaning and water damage repairs were carried out today but the main task was to clear the starboard fish room with a view to descaling and painting in the hope of converting into a workshop/storage area. It had developed into a bit of a dumping area for all sorts of rubbish.

Some large pieces of electrical equipment which were obscured have been identified as a shore power transformer, a rectifier and battery charger and a battery storage cabinet. They look like they might not be original equipment.

After our labours, Chairman Andy and I went over to have a nose at the Royal Nore which is on the quayside of the Edinburgh Dock. She is a 61ft Royal and Diplomatic yacht built for the Port of London Authority and recently gifted to the Britannia Trust. We were given a tour of the yacht by the staff and found the accommodation to comprise a 16 cover dining table, and impressive galley and a large observation lounge. You can see her here and here.

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