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13 Historic Ships granted funding from National Historic Ship UK.

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A total of 13 historic ships were awarded funds from the National Historic Ships UK Small grant fund this month.

Grants ranged from £300 to £1000 and were for work including a new shower pod to removal of engines and cleaning bilges. The ships also ranged from 1886 – 1960 and the Ross Revenge and steam tug Kerne were among the ships awarded a grant.

In total almost £10,000 was awarded including 3 grants for the maximum of £1,000.

This will be fantastic news for those 13 ships, especially in this current climate when a large number of funding and cash sources are not available. For this reason the deadline for the grants was extended by an additional 3 months.

More than 3 times the normal number of vessels applied for a grant this year showing just how much of an impact Covid 19 has had on our sector.

Small grants like these can have a major impact on projects and represent a good return on investment as small grant applications are generally straight forward and don’t take long to complete.

To read more about the historic ships awarded grants click here.

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