COVID 19: Safely reopening the SS Explorer

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As the Covid 19 lockdown measures are eased the Society is looking forward to reopening the ship.

In order to do that a risk assessment has been carried out to ensure the Society can provide an environment where the risks of Covid 19 have been reduced to as low as reasonably practical.

Initially the SS Explorer will only be open to existing volunteers. This will be reassessed on a monthly basis but it is unlikely that the ship will be open to visitors this year. As a historic ship corridors and narrow and rooms are small meaning social distancing for tour groups will be difficult.

The risk assessment has identified the control measures that the Society need to put in place. Once these are in place volunteers will be notified that the SS Explorer is open again. 


For a full summary of the control measures being put in place read our Health and Safety Circular here.

It will take time to get these control measures in place and tested to make sure they work as they should so please be patient as this work is carried out.

Volunteers will be advised closer to when the vessel is ready to reopen.

In the meantime please remember to follow government guidance.

NHS inform has additional help and guidance if anyone has questions.

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