Arctic Corsair

Continuing my adventures in the lookshoory superyacht Síbín, I find myself in Kingston upon Hull, or ‘ull as the locals say. ‘ull is home to the Arctic Corsair, a motor trawler built in 1960 in Beverley. She is now a visitor attraction on the River ‘ull, and she is about to receive a massive cash injection.

This is the sort of commitment we need for Explorer and for Leith.

I took the tour and thought I would share some pics with you.  She is moored on the River ‘ull which is not currently dredged as it used to be and she dries out on mud as the tide ebbs.

As you can see from this photograph…..

….the ‘ull has been distorted abeam the dolphin due to years of movement. 

Superstructure.  An interesting location for the magnetic compass.
Crew accommodation. 
Mainmast, whaleback and for’d gallows. 
Skipper’s en-suite.  (Avocado, very contemporary)
Skipper’s dayroom.  (Tinkers tartan if he warms himself there)
Winch motor.
And more radios.
And yet again more….
Six cylinder   Mirlees Monarch main engine.
Six cylinder Mirlees Monarch main engine.

Being owned by the council, the beaurocrats don’t allow access to the bowels of the machinery space which is a travesty for those who want to see those things, like me!

Winch telegraphy.


It’s huge. 

So, that’s the Arctic Corsair. If our Yorkshire compatriots can attract a £27 million investment,  we need to up our game in Leith.

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