Covid 19 volunteer induction

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Last month on our blog I posted about what the Society was doing to be able to open again to our volunteers for work onboard as Covid lockdown measures have eased.

That work is still in progress as equipment is being purchased and how we work and socialise during the working day is having to change.

One of the risk control measures we are putting in place is a new Covid 19 volunteer induction form.

All existing volunteers who wish to return to help with work onboard once the ship reopens will need to download and fill out the Covid 19 induction form, sign it and return it to a member of the board before coming onboard to work again for the first time.

Your responsibilities as a volunteer

The induction sets out things you as a volunteer need to do to be allowed back onboard the ship. This includes giving permission for your temperature to be taken at the gangway. And agreeing to return home if your temperature is high.


It also asks volunteers not to come down if they have certain pre existing medical conditions, If you have any of the conditions listed, there is no need to fill in and return the form. The Society will not be storing any medical data about any of our volunteers.

Track and Trace

However we will keep a record of who was onboard on which dates which allows us to carry out a basic form of track and trace if it becomes necessary.  

If a volunteer finds out they have covid 19 please inform a member of the board of your covid test result and the date you think you were infected. That board member will check the dates the individual was onboard and who else was onboard at those times. That board member will email or contact all individuals listed and advise them to be extra vigilant for symptoms and/or arrange a covid test for themselves. Only that one board member will know the volunteer’s name, this will be treated in strictest confidence and will not be passed on to any other volunteer. It will only be passed out to other board members if there is a genuine, pressing reason for that knowledge to be shared.

Our responsibilities as a company

It also sets out what you can expect the Society to do which will include proving hand sanitiser, more frequent cleaning of touch points on the ship, providing health information and guides. Providing a trace and trace function and reporting any outbreak or case onboard the SS Explorer as per Health and Safety Executive.

Safety First

You, as volunteers, are at the very heart of what we do, and your health and safety is more important than carrying out work on the SS Explorer.

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