day of the seafarer

Day of the seafarer, seafarers of the past support the seafarers of today.

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Day of the seafarer 2020, the theme seafarers are key workers. 

We would like to say a thank you to all seafarers today for everything they are doing to keep the global supply chain operating, delivering medical supplies, food, fuel PPE and more which we need on a daily basis.

We understand that many seafarers are currently stuck on ships well past their agreed contracts, yet  continue to work to keep the world supplied. Countries and ports are willing to take the cargo these ships carry yet are not willing to help those that deliver that cargo safely. 

day of the seafarer

The International Maritime Organisation has produced a short video with Secretary-General Kitack Lim explaining a bit more about what seafarers do, please take a few minutes to watch the video here.

The UK relies heavily on seafarers for almost all of our trade, as the infographic below shows. So next time you fill your car up, go for your groceries or turn on your gas cooker think about how those goods and that fuel got to the UK.

seafarers infographic
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