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SS Explorer’s first major press release for 2020

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The team at the SS Explorer has distributed our first press release of 2020.

The release covers our recent regional flagship award from National Historic Ships UK.

We send out a draft to a number of stakeholders and received some positive comments for inclusion into the final release. 

The final release has gone out to the national press, some of whom have published story’s about the SS Explorer in the past, and also to professional and government bodies who may be interested in our good news.

Press release photo SS Explorer

While the current restrictions remain in place in Scotland we have not been able to hoist our new award flag on the vessel. However once the restrictions are eased enough and it is considered safe we look forward to have a little bit of a ceremony to raise the flag and have a celebration of our achievement. 

Developing this press release has been a steep learning curve for the Society but the idea came from the press release from National Historic Ships UK that covered the awards to all the ships. A copy of their press release here.

As part of this exercise we have starting building up our press contacts. We have also started logging when and were we appear in various news outlets as this is great for evidence when completing funding applications. 

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