A long blog gap

45 / 100

Most of the decklights have been refurbished and refitted making the ship a bit more weatherproof.

AC generator has been behaving itself over the last four weeks so fingers crossed it is now reliable.  It was also recently serviced.

Work is in progress to get the saloon up to standard with various bits of joinery being carried out.

Four fluorescent light fittings have been installed in the messroom, galley and passageways giving much better and safer lighting.

Large amounts of rubbish have been removed from the quayside adjacent to the Explorer to improve the general appearance.

A stall was manned in the Leith Custom House on Saturday 29th April to raise the Explorer’s profile locally and hopefully recruit some new members.

The ship’s complement of fire extinguishers have been replaced with new equipment.

General decluttering and cleaning accomplished.  Hopefully with the onset of summer the chipping and painting of the ship’s hull will soon resume.

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