A shorter gap

50 / 100

A bit of time has passed since the last blog but things are progressing.

The AC generator has been problematic with AVR issues eventually solved and then a persistent over speeding issue which is hopefully now solved.

A lot of internal cosmetic work has been carried out by various members, including repairing the mess room bench, cleaning up the hospital and finally some progress on the deck lights.

Ten sacrificial zinc anodes have been “dangled” around the hull to arrest corrosion which will inevitably be eating at the hull. It is unlikely that any anodes remain from the last docking twenty or so years ago.

The Society now has a Patron in the Office of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

A lot of other administrative and recruiting tasks have taken place in the background.

A number of members have undergone a “First Aid in the Workplace” course and are duly certified.

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