A message from the deputy chair

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Message from the Deputy Chair of the Board
“During this unprecedented time the Board of Directors have taken the decision to close the ship to the public and volunteers, although the security of the ship is still being monitored.
I would like to reassure our members and volunteers that we are financially robust enough to be able to reopen once it is safe to do so.
Although all work onboard the ship has stopped the Board, and the various committees continue to progress governance and organizational work which can be done from home.
The SS Explorer Preservation Society will emerge from this global crisis in a far better condition than when it started.
As members and volunteers you can do your bit to help by following Government guidelines, staying at home as much as possible and observing social distancing when you must go out. We are also working on ways you can help the Explorer, and will let you know more on this later.
If any of our members or volunteers would like to talk at this time please feel free to contact me directly.
If any of you have any ideas on what else we could be doing during this time, or in the future please let me know.”
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