Niagra on board

50 / 100

All that rain on Tuesday (60mm+) revealed a few leaks in the superstructure – one behind the Ruston powered harbour generator sounded like Niagra – even above the noise of the generator.  Andy found a scuppers drain pipe that was blocked and another that seemed to have a completely burst pipe.  The first was cleared resulting in a rush of water from the side deck and out of the pipe outlet on the side of the hull.  The other pipe was plugged with a bung.  The result was to reduce “Niagra” to a few drips – success!

Now if this sounds a little banal, that may be because most of what I do for Explorer is administrative and that does not give rise to exciting things about which to write.  So I have used this little event as a practice subject for my very first addition to the ship’s blog.

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