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Today the Society launches its first school at home learning sheet, this is aimed at early primary and we hope will keep children busy for a little while with something educational but will a bit of a difference. There are 3 activities on the sheet, a word search, a counting activity and a picture to colour in.


We will be following this up with more educational activities in the near future aimed at the upper end of primary school. While we work on these there are a number of other educational resources available online that parent’s can check out.

Marine Scotland, which used to operate the SS Explorer, have a number of activities for younger children.

Marine Scotland Education

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers has a range of activities for older children interested in engineering. There are lots of things that can be built at home using simple household items.

Institute of Mechanical Engineers Education Activities

In the longer term the Society has 2 school based education programs in development for when schools reopen again.



Navigating Maths with the SS Explorer is a program that shows how maths is used in planning and navigating a voyage, similar to the ones the Explorer used to carry out. Students get to use charts and navigation tools and will gain an understanding of how to safely navigate a ship.

Full STEM ahead with the SS Explorer is a program that covers Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths by setting students practical activities in designing and operating a research ship and carrying out science experiments. It will cover naval architecture, methods of propulsion, forces and how to determine the properties and health of sea water.

Please register your interest in either of the above programs by emailing us using the button below.

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