The Bosun's Call

The Bosun’s Call, how it is used, and some facts about it.

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I don’t know if Explorer was a proponent of the Bosun’s call or whistle. But it is definitely a salty old seadog device and so here is a blog about it.  The illustrations are from the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship Vol 1 1932. The Bosun’s whistle is mine and I am definitely not a maestro.

The Bosun's Call Illustration

The Bosun's Call

The boatswain’s call, also known as a bosun’s whistle, is a nautical instrument used by boatswains or bosuns aboard ships. It is a small pipe-shaped whistle with a metal mouthpiece and a hollow cylindrical body. The boatswain’s call is traditionally made of brass or nickel-plated brass.

The primary purpose of the boatswain’s call is to convey commands and signals to the crew on board a ship. It is especially used during naval ceremonies, drills, and when communicating orders to the crew. The unique design of the whistle allows it to produce distinct high-pitched sounds that can be easily heard over the noise of the sea and wind.

Here are some interesting facts about the boatswain’s call:

1. The boatswain’s call has a long history and can be traced back to ancient times. It was used by the Romans and Greeks as a signaling device.

2. The instrument consists of several parts, including the mouthpiece, gun, buoy, and shackle. Each part serves a specific function in producing different sounds.

3. The boatswain’s call is often associated with naval traditions and ceremonies. It is used to announce the arrival and departure of dignitaries, as well as to honor the passing of naval personnel.

4. Different sounds produced by the boatswain’s call have specific meanings. For example, a single long note may indicate the call to attention, while a trill or warble may signal a change in the watch.

5. The boatswain’s call requires skill and practice to use effectively. Boatswains undergo training to learn the proper technique and commands associated with the whistle.

6. The design of the boatswain’s call allows it to be easily carried around the neck or attached to a lanyard for quick access.

Overall, the boatswain’s call is an important tool for communication and tradition in the maritime world, serving as a symbol of authority and order aboard ships.

The Bosun's Call, how it is done.

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